Craft Goods

Craft goods are made by the women at the FCJ Learning & Development Center in Manila.
All are available for sale at reasonable prices & all money goes directly to the women who make them.

You could buy the following:
Purse  $5           Shoulder bag  $12            Glasses case  $5
Wallet $5            Letter holder  $8             
Packet of 10 hand crafted note cards with envelopes $5
Necklace  $15     Jewellery  $ other prices
To buy:
phone: 03 9853 6527

 Purse                    Shoulder Bag                    Glasses Case

    Letter Holder           Handmade Note Cards                Note Card Detail                    Note Card Detail

Jewellery - Handcrafted bracelets                     Jewellery - Handcrafted bracelets

The women at the FCJ Learning and Development Center making the cards and jewellery by hand

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