Christmas Cakes

In 1998, we began making Christmas Cakes to sell as a means of generating funds for the project.
This project has grown each year and we now make approximately 4,000 cakes of different sizes each year.
We always sell all that we make, plus a variety of puddings from a supplier in Northern Victoria.

Order forms are NOW available for 2018
 The Try Booking site for orders via the link HERE
The .pdf form for orders is HERE

Collection of orders will be from Trinity Grammar School, Charles Street KEW
on Thursday 27 September from 9.30-1.00pm 
and Saturday 29 September 9.30am to 1.00pm
The closing date for orders is September 15, 2018

We make the cakes with the help of volunteers, including the students from Xavier College, Genazzano FCJ College and Methodist Ladies' College (MLC). 
Kitchen and cooking facilities are provided by Trinity Grammar School, Genazzano FCJ College and MLC.
This website is designed and maintained by students from Presbyterian Ladies' College (PLC)
Photograph Source: Australian Catholics Magazine