The Friends of Romania and Philippines, based in Melbourne, Australia, supports the work of the FCJ Sisters in these countries.
Message from Sr Paola in Manila regarding the young scholars our cakes fund to attend the University of their choice.
"Eight of the scholars graduated this year, two as Social Workers, two in Information Technology, one in Psychology, one as an Elementary School Teacher, one in Business Administration and one in Hotel and Restaurant Management. This morning we asked each of them to share their reflections on their experiences of the last 4 years. It was so very moving and I am sure that if you heard them, it would warm your heart. Thank you for making it possible for these people to graduate and have a future! They are fine young people and I pray that they will do something good with their lives. New scholars are now applying to replace them!"

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Photo Source: Manila Philippines - Friends of Romania and Philippines Scholarship Recipients - Twenty-three university graduates pictured attained professional work placements in their fields in 2015